Santander Bank Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Santander Bank Referral Program

Electronic Communications Disclosure

By agreeing to receive information electronically, you consent to receive certain disclosures and communications that Santander Bank, N.A. (“we” or “us”) is legally required to provide to you in writing. The types of disclosures we may provide electronically include this Electronic Communications Disclosure and the Terms and Conditions below (“Disclosures”). In order for us to provide the Disclosures to you electronically, we must ask you to agree to receive the Disclosures in that manner. If you do not agree, you will not be allowed to participate in the Santander Bank Refer A Friend Checking Account Program (“Program”).

Please read this Disclosure carefully and retain a copy of this Disclosure and the Terms and Conditions below for your records.

We will provide all Disclosures to you on screen or when you click on the link we, or our service provider, provide to you. You may be required to open the link that contains the Disclosures. You may print or make a copy of the Disclosures by using the “Print” button or saving a copy. You may wish to do this when we present the Disclosures to you because the Disclosures may not be accessible at all times.

Refer A Friend Business is an electronic program only. You have the right to receive a copy of any of the Disclosures in paper form. Please call our Customer Service Center at 877-768-2265 if you would like to request a copy of the paper version. You are able to withdraw your consent to receive Disclosures electronically by calling our Customer Service Center. There is no charge for doing so, but you may be excluded from the program if we are unable to send you electronic Disclosures and communications.

This consent only applies to the delivery of Disclosures and other communications by us to you. Some statutes as well as our Business Deposit Account Agreement or other contracts, may require that you provide certain notices to us in writing, and this consent has no effect on those requirements. In order to properly access and print the Disclosures, you must have the following hardware and software:

  • A personal computer or mobile device capable of accessing the internet and sending and receiving e-mail, as well as a printer capable of printing copies of the Disclosures for your records.
  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software, version 5.0 or higher, so you can read and print copies of the Disclosures.

Internet access:

An internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption and all HTML5 standards used on any of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 or higher:
    • Internet Explorer 11 and higher
    • Firefox 44 and higher
    • Chrome 48 and higher
    • Edge (Windows 10 and higher)

  • Mac OS 10.9 or higher:
    • Safari 8 and higher
    • Chrome 48 and higher
    • iOS 8 or higher
    • Android 4.0 or higher
In certain circumstances, some Disclosures and electronic communications may be provided by e-mail. You acknowledge that the e-mail address you provide to us is a valid e-mail address and that you authorize us to send Disclosures and communications to the e-mail address provided. You agree that you will, if we ask, provide a current and valid e-mail address and that you will tell us immediately if your e-mail address changes. If you change your e-mail address, you must notify us by updating your e-mail address within Business Online Banking with BillPay service, by calling our Customer Service Center or by visiting a branch. If we deliver Disclosures and other communications to you using the information we have on file, you will be deemed to have received the Disclosures and communications, even if our message is returned to us by an internet service provider as undeliverable.

Santander Bank Refer A Friend Account Program Terms and Conditions

The person making the referral (“Referrer”) will earn a $50 digital Visa ® Prepaid Card for each Business referred (“Referred Business”) who opens a new Basic Business Checking, Business Checking, or Business Checking Plus account with Santander Bank, N.A. (“Santander”) and completes the Program Qualifications within the time specified as outlined below.

The Referrer must register for the Program at the Program registration page, agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Electronic Communications Disclosure, and share the Program offer with their friends, family, fellow businesses or co-workers via email. A Referrer may receive up to ten (10) digital Visa ® Prepaid Cards ($500 value) within a calendar year for eligible referrals made. Only one Referrer may receive a digital Visa ® Prepaid Card for each Referred Business who completes the requirements (the first Referrer that enters the information for a Referred Business will be the eligible Referrer). The Referred Business may only receive one digital Visa ® Prepaid Card for opening an eligible account and completing the Program Qualifications listed below, but may also be eligible as a Referrer after becoming a Santander customer. There is a limit of one digital Visa ® Prepaid Card paid per qualifying account. So, for example, in the event more than one Referred Business opens a jointly held account, one digital Visa ® Prepaid Card will be paid to the Business named first within the account registration.

The Referrer authorizes the sending of emails to each Referred Business regarding the Program on the Referrer’s behalf. If the Referred Business's email address is in Santander Bank and/or Extole’s email opt-out database, the email will not be sent. Each person who registers in the Program authorizes future communications, including emails, regarding the Program unless they “opt out” by making an election within such email. Returned/ invalid email addresses and non-deliverable addresses are not the responsibility of Santander or Extole. By participating in the Program, the Referrer agrees that Santander and/or Extole may disclose to the Referred Business that the Referrer is a customer of Santander. The Referred Business acknowledges that a digital Visa ® Prepaid Card will be issued to both parties (the Referrer and Referred Business) after all conditions have been met in the time-frames provided. A digital Visa ® Prepaid Card will be emailed to the addresses provided at registration.

Employees of Santander and its affiliates are not eligible to participate in the Program as either a Referrer or Referred Business. In order to be an eligible Referrer you must be a current customer of Santander Bank, N.A. In order to be an eligible Referred Business for the Business Banking version of the Program you must not currently have a Business Banking checking account with Santander Bank or have had a Business Banking checking account with Santander Bank within the last 12 months prior to account opening. The Program may be discontinued or changed at any time without notice.

Program Qualifications:

In order for the Referred Business to earn a $150 digital Visa® Prepaid Card and the Referrer to earn a $50 digital Visa® Prepaid Card, the Referred Business must meet the eligibility requirements outlined below and open a new Basic Business Checking, Business Checking, or Business Checking Plus account with Santander. The account must be opened within 90 days of receiving the Refer A Friend invitation. A minimum of $1,500 in total deposits is required for the new account starting the first business day after account opening. Referred Business must also complete fifteen (15) or more customer-initiated transactions (debit only) that post and clear the account within 90 days, starting the first business day after account opening. Referred Business must keep the account open for at least 90 days.

Customer-initiated debits include checks drawn on your account, in-person or ATM withdrawals and transfers from your account, debit card purchases, wire transfers, BillPay, and ACH payments that post to your account. Returned items, bank fee, and other bank-initiated transactions are excluded.

• Extole, Inc. is an integrated referral vendor contracted by Santander Bank.

• Each digital Visa® Prepaid Card amount received by the Referred Business or Referrer may be reported as income to the IRS, state, and local tax authorities if required by applicable law. Recipient is solely responsible for any federal, state, and/or local taxes.

• Please allow up to 10-14 days, after completion of all requirements of this offer for delivery of your digital Visa® Prepaid Card.

• Eligibility to receive the digital Visa® Prepaid Card expires after one calendar year from account opening, and full completion of program qualifications. Both parties (Referrer & Referee) will no longer be able to receive after this time.

• This offer cannot be combined with other cash offer bonuses by Santander Bank. If a Referred Business is eligible for more than one promotion or offer, and meets all of the requirements, Santander will award the Referred Business the offer of their choosing. If a cash offer bonus is awarded to the Referred Business, the Referrer will not receive a $50 Visa® Prepaid Card from the Refer A Friend Business Program.

• The digital Visa® Prepaid Cards are subject to Terms and Conditions delivered electronically with the card, including limitations on types of transactions for which they may be used. Santander will not be liable if the digital Visa® Prepaid Card is lost or stolen after being delivered to the email address provided at registration by the Referrer or Referred Business, as applicable. If the digital Visa® Prepaid Card has expired, Santander Bank is not responsible or required to distribute replacements.

Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa, Inc. Visa® is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion.

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